Cash Management

Cash Management

Cash Management

FNB of Central Alabama offers a suite of fully integrated online Cash Management Services that allow your business to manage funds more effectively anytime, anywhere.  Cash Management Services are the best way to achieve greater control of your cash, improve efficiency, reduce expenses and generate greater profits for your company.

With Remote Deposit, you can electronically scan and deposit checks right from your place of business. Speed up collections and enjoy the convenience of making deposits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Increase efficiency by reducing check deposit preparation and time out of the office.

Discover how Remote Deposit can benefit your business

  • Convenience — No more daily trips to the bank
  • Reduced Expenses — Save time, save gas, save money by eliminating trips to the bank
  • Cash Management — Increase cash flow by making deposits as soon as they are received
  • Streamline Operations — Automate deposit tickets and access to check images and reports
  • Consolidate Banking — Centralize deposits from satellite offices with one financial institution


Remote Deposit Services are subject to approval

ACH Electronic Payment Services are tools for simplifying activities such as paying bills, receiving payments, making purchases and writing checks.  Automated Clearing House (ACH) networks process the most common types of electronic payments including direct deposit, pre-authorized payments and corporate transfers.  FNB of Central Alabama can help your business take advantage of ACH Payment Services.

Automate Payroll

Saves your business time and money when you direct deposit your company’s payroll.  Automating payroll benefits:

Your Business:

  • Saves money by reducing the need for printed checks
  • Reduces the risk of check fraud from lost or stolen checks
  • Limits the time spent waiting on checks to clear and issuing replacement checks

Your Employees

  • Eliminates trips to the bank to deposit paychecks
  • Allows faster access to funds
  • Prevents lost or stolen checks


Corporate Transfers

Corporate transfers provide your company the flexibility to:

  • Move funds from non-local accounts to one main operating account
  • Make payments to other companies for services provided


Collection Services

Give customers the convenient option of having payments automatically debited from their account on the due date.  This service can dramatically increase your available funds and reduce overhead.


ACH Payment Services are subject to approval

Help protect your account by using FNB of Central Alabama’s Positive Pay Service.  Positive Pay helps reduce fraud by verifying all paper checks that you write to those presented for payment against your account.

Maximize your company’s cash flow by automatically sweeping funds between accounts.  Sweep Accounts let you use funds from your operating account to pay down a credit line or cover overdrafts with automatic transfers.¹


¹Sweep accounts are subject to eligibility and bank approval

If you’re managing several business accounts, you can improve cash flow and simplify account reconciliation with a Zero Balance Account.  Funds from a master account may be transferred to disbursement accounts as checks clear or debits are preseneted.¹


¹Zero Balance Accounts are subject to eligibility and bank approval.

With more people using credit and debit cards as their preferred form of payment, Merchant Services is the best way to help your business maximize its earning potential by providing customers this convenient option.  FNB of Central Alabama can facilitate payment from your customers by credit and debit card and accelerate your funds.

Merchant Point-of-Sale Services

FNB of Central Alabama can provide your business the latest payment-acceptance technology for credit and debit cards.

We offer:

  • Free consultation and analysis
  • Competitive pricing
  • High-tech solutions for recurring payments
  • On-site set-up and training
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Online reporting


Merchant Services are subject to approval

Contact your local FNB of Central Alabama banker for more information.

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